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FBS Trade 100 bonus gives beginner traders a chance to study the basics

Get FBS Trade 100 Bonus and start your Forex career! It works the same way as in sport – first you train and learn, then you earn and get stronger, faster and more efficient. Trade 100 Bonus is your personal tool for toning up your brain.


FBS gives you real money to start your Forex journey and trade real.


To level up your trading you need power-ups: besides $100 you get a full set of educational materials


Learn how to trade and make a real profit out of it – with no need for your own money involved in the process

Trade 100 bonus gives beginner traders a chance to study the basics, get fully involved in the process of real, thorough and effective trading. And the best part is – you don’t need any initial investments for it! Take your time to get to know Forex and FBS platform, test your hand, gear up with knowledge – with fewer risks involved.

Bonus conditions

  • The Bonus is available on MetaTrader5 platform
  • The order volume is 0.01 lot
  • The sum available for withdrawal is 100 USD
  • The required number of active trading days is 30 (active trading day is a day when the order was opened or closed)
  • The maximum number of positions opened at the same time is 5
  • Client should have at least 5 lots traded in the period of 30 active trading days

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